Our core values

Creativity1 Creativity
Fostering an environment that respects and promotes creativity
iNNOVATION1 Innovation
Developing innovative teaching aids and learning material and putting them into practice
kNOWLEDGE1 Knowledge
Guiding children to acquire the knowledge and learning skills necessary to thrive
Team-Work1 Teamwork
Energising our effort through teamwork yields greater results amongst our children

Our Programs

Stories, books, fingerplays and poems, rhyming, “same and different”, “what’s missing?”, introduction to the alphabet.
Shapes, colours, patterns, sorting, classifying by properties, counting, number understanding, animals, growing plants, weather, and cooking.
Swings, balance beam, obstacle course, yoga, ball games, and Taekwondo.
Clay modelling, finger painting, play dough, cutting/pasting, crayons and much more
Singing, movement to music, playing instruments.
Dramatic play, puppets, dressing up.

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Why Us

Children friendly infrastructure.
Well trained preschool teachers.
Unique teaching aids and learning material.
Active parental involvement.
Yoga for creative mind and healthy bodies.
Foster an environment that respects and promotes creativity.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is a part of the curriculum in our school. This helps encourage our young children to engage in their environment, to protect it and helps them become more aware of our environment.

Conservation of natural resources
Garbage and pollution
Let’s Plant a Tree

Apply for Admission

Our happy parents


Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

You can mail us at info@learningtreeplayschool.com or Call at: 9717100853, 9717100852. We will be glad to help you.

Your Child should have completed 2 years by 31st March in order to be eligible for admission on 1st April.

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Our Timetable
Everyday Activities at The Learning Tree Playschool.
Admission Process
Our admissions are done on a “first-come-first served” basis.
Our Gallery
Glimpses of our everyday fun.